LinkedIn Lead Generation – Full Service – Beta Pricing

$1,000.00 / month

We understand that you are extremely busy, but still want to reap the rewards of our LinkedIn Lead Generation service.

With this full service option, you will receive a daily, hand-typed email, with any actions required by you for your LinkedIn campaign.

This may include:

  • Questions in your LinkedIn inbox that must be answered by you directly. We will provide the contact’s name and what they are asking.
  • Upcoming appointments that have been booked for you using your own custom Calendly link. If you do not already have a Calendly link of your own, we can assist you in getting one set up.
  • Any other important items / actions that have occurred on your account.

The goal of this plan is to simplify and keep you as hands-OFF as possible – meaning, you have more time to do what YOU do best.