We find you great leads on LinkedIn.



This price should pay itself off each month, otherwise, it’s not worth it.
Cancel any time and get your unused $$$ back.


It’s normal to have some hesitations for a service like this.
That is why we offer a free 1-week trial to prove that this service actually works.


Working with David has been  a wonderful experience.  I literally had no idea how I was going to tap into and maximize on social media platforms to promote and conduct business.  David is highly skilled and super knowledgeable, but ultimately he is a creative marketing genius.  Working with him has and exceeded every expectation and hope I had.  I am so grateful to have David as a media professional who has my back.  He is happy to take the time to understand the unique needs of his clients in order to provide the best possible service that produces killer results.  If I can say anything to you now, it would be “what are you waiting for?” Contact him and go get some business.

KW, Business Broker
Calgary, AB | Canada

I am extremely impressed with my decision to work with David to provide a marketing strategy, LinkedIn consulting services, graphic design, and social media management for my business. His knowledge of marketing and social media platforms exceeded my expectations by far, and my businesses started seeing higher conversions in less than 1 week. I just focus on my core business and he takes care of that aspect completely. I highly recommend his services to any small business owner that needs a marketing professional.

JG, Business Broker
Vancouver, BC | Canada



How many potential leads will you be reaching out to each month?

We will be reaching out to as many as 400 potential leads each month.

Should I be using something like Calendly to get potential leads to set up an appointment?

That would be a GREAT idea! If you do not already have something like Calendly set up, we can help you get it set up for a nominal fee. Or, if you are interested in our Full Service option, the set up of Calendly will be included.

“I am extremely busy – is there a way you can do all the work for me and ONLY notify me about the most important actions that I need to take or let me know about appointments that have been scheduled for me?”

Yes! There is a Full Service option available where we do the majority of the work for you – replying to anyone that is interested in what you are providing. We will take care of scheduling appointments / phone calls / Zoom calls / etc… and will send you a daily email of the most important items that have occurred on your LinkedIn account each day. We will set you up with a custom Calendly link that integrates with your current calendar to ensure there are no overlaps with your existing appointments / schedule.

When do I take over a conversation in my LinkedIn account?

Once a potential lead responds, you take over. Simple as that!

I am not comfortable giving out the password to my account, is there any other way we can do this?

Yes! What you can do is simply change your password on your LinkedIn account to something random, and that will then be the password used to login to your account. We realize that it is a big ask of your trust, however, our intention is to help you with your Lead Generation, period!

Alternatively, we can use the LastPass Chrome Extension whereby you share your password with us. That way, we will be able to login to your account without ever actually knowing what your password is. This will require a bit of technical know-how, but we are happy to help guide you through the process.

Can I cancel if I don’t want the service any longer?  How does that work?

Yes! If at any point you wish to cancel your paid membership, you can. We function on a pay first, then work, basis – so, any number of days that have not yet been worked will be refunded.

Ie: You sign up January 1st. You cancel on January 22nd. You will be refunded for the 9 days (January 23rd thru January 31st) that were not used.


Call 778-212-9994.
The call won’t take more than 10 – 15 minutes.
My name is David.